Wear Your Mind on Your Sleeve Campaign

The Wear Your Mind on Your Sleeve campaign is about getting people to open up about their Mental Health Journeys and Struggles in a bid to promote more conversation and break the stigma around Mental Health.


At FTHRhood and MTHRhood we have a focus on parental mental health but everyone who is struggling is just as important and we welcome contribution from anyone who has a story to share. 


If you want to get involved drop us an e - mail on contact@fthrhood.co.uk. You can tell your story in writing, on a podcast or on Insta live.


Along with the campaign we have released a line of clothing. This line is designed to encourage conversation and to give the wearer a sense of pride and accomplishment in owning their struggles and being able to use their journeys to help others. (Or just to show your support)

As with all our clothing, 10% of the profit goes into the FTHRhood campaign grant scheme for struggling families.